Before reaching the question, whether God exists or not, God must be defined.

The question is, what is God?

For many, God has human characteristics, God is just, good, powerful, merciful, kind, etc. God is like a King, with desires and rules, something like the middle-age King, who possessed an army, to enforce his desires by force. This idea of ​​the medieval God remains to this day in some religions, limiting our intelligence, reasoning, and self-realization by outsourcing our ability to think, worshiping an invisible and unknown “God.”

It is necessary to recognize, we are VERY ignorant, in the real sense of the word, in many ways, we know nothing. We are so ignorant that we do not recognize our own ignorance. We do not know what an ant is, we do not know what the cat is, we do not even have control of our own emotions. We do not know how to deal with the neighbor from above, we create and maintain situations of conflict in our own tiny family nucleus, of father, mother and children.

Let’s zoom out a bit. We live on the periphery of a galaxy that lies on the periphery of a conglomerate of galaxies called Laniakea.

Our universe has more than 2 trillion (2,000,000,000,000) galaxies. Only our galaxy has 300 billion (300,000,000,000,000) stars, that is, solar systems or suns. It would be about 3 trillion (3,000,000,000,000,000) planets in the Milky Way alone. In a total of 10 24 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) planets in the universe.

This is the size of our ignorance of our own universe. Humanity is like a person who never left the house, never crossed the street, and knows no neighbor. To get to the closest star, we would have to travel for more than 4 years at the speed of light. We still do not know how to do this, but we have the pretension to know what God is, the creator of ALL the universe.

With our whole ignorance, we can even create an image of God, the problem is that this image will certainly be WRONG. We go further, as if it was not enough to define “God”, we also define what he wants from us, we then create rituals, prayers, adoration and mysticisms to please him instead of looking at OUR own improvement.

So if God exists, we know NOTHING about him, much less what HE WANTS from us, so it makes no difference whatsoever whether he exists or not. What makes a difference in your life are the changes in YOUR own life, become a person more qualities and less defects.

The following religions have the characteristic, defining “God” as the center of religion:
• Catholicism – Catholics
• Evangelicalism – Evangelicals
• Islam – Muslims
• Judaism – Jews
• Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Mormons

Other groups make a mixture, add the “worship of God” of Christian doctrine with philosophical teachings of human enhancement. These things have no relation whatsoever, people can enhance their emotions, feelings, way of being, without any need to venerate “God.” Kardecist spiritualism, for example, has laudable actions, however, the eyedropper, for the improvement of the human being, such as public lectures, fraternal care and study groups. The latter may be diverted too much to the religious / dogmatic question, but they are positive initiatives, it is a beginning of the shift of focus from religion, from “God” to man.

The world messianic church – Johrei, follows the same style, although it has a greater openness than spiritualism, “allowing” people to practice the externalization of energy through the practice of Johrei outside the church, maintains dogmatism centered on divinity through prayers And rituals for God. They have study groups for “improvement”, but always maintaining the religious character.

Eastern philosophies have another vision, perhaps for studying spirituality for some time, have come to the conclusion that man himself should be the center of religion. The teachings of Buddhism, for example, are practical and focused on the improvement of the human being, are guidelines for our own improvement. Instead of focusing on philosophy in worshiping a “God”, these philosophies are meant to enhance the human being.

Umbanda seems to follow this same path, because there is no focus on “God”. There is the figure of the “old black” (preto velho) in umbanda, but he is not God. They are consciences close to us, a little more evolved and without the physical body.

Religions that have the human being as a center:
• Buddhism – Buddhists
• Taoism – Taoists
• Hinduism – Hindus
• Umbanda – Umbanda Spiritists

There is no binding between religion and spirituality. Spirits are not spiritists. “Supernatural forces” are only “natural forces”

Is there a God?

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